Student testimonials

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“My tutoring experience with Lydia has been amazing from start to finish. I could not have asked for a better tutor to guide me and allow me to feel confident in my writing ability. The tips and advice she has given me throughout year 12 have been exemplary. Moreover, the feedback she gives is abundant and easy to understand, making VCE English so much more simple and enjoyable! Her passion for teaching is unmatched as I discovered that she is always willing to help students, like myself, out regardless of the time of day. I can guarantee that any student who undertakes tutoring with Lydia will be learning in an environment that nurtures quintessential English skills!”
– Shahani

“I began using Lydia’s essay correction services around a month before the exam. I am incredibly grateful for Lydia’s corrections which specified what I was doing correctly and what could be improved. Unlike many teachers, the feedback was not vague and did not leave me wondering how to take it on board. What also made Lydia incredible was her fast correction rate – she usually had finished correcting my essay by the next day (sometimes even in the next few hours). Many teachers, including mine, usually handed back essays weeks later. I spammed Lydia with essays and questions (since I neglected English all year until the month before), and she replied promptly without fail.”
– Karen

“Lydia is encouraging, patient and extremely helpful! I really liked how I could email her work that I wanted feedback on, and she would usually reply the same day! I enjoyed my sessions with Lydia and definitely noticed an improvement in my writing.”
– Simone

“Year 12 English wouldn’t have gone as good as it did without Lydia’s help! Her advice on the best way to approach various types of essays truly has helped me to flourish in my essay writing and to better express myself to the assessor. Would not recommend anyone more highly, not just for the excellent teaching skills but also for the lovely environment she provides where learning is truly fun!”
– Yarra

“Lydia is such an amazing tutor and helped me so much last year, even reading and sending my essays back right up to the night before the exam! I can not recommend her enough.”
– Ally

“Hey Lydia, just wanted to thank you again for all the work you’ve done for us this year, especially in relation to the contexts as you would probably be able to write out my context from memory at this point from all the times I’ve asked for help on it. I don’t think I’d be anywhere near as comfortable with tomorrow’s exam without your help nor would I have gotten the same sac marks…”
– Gabrielle

“Lydia is extremely friendly and approachable. Towards the end of the year she helped me create a plan for the end of year English exam, allowing me to achieve an A+ mark for the exam, despite getting marks as low as 60% earlier in the year.”
– Geordie

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