How to study for VCE English/Literature

For many VCE students, English or Literature is sadly the compulsory, difficult subject they try their best to forget! Choosing how or what to study can be a tricky process, compounded by the lack of clear-cut answers. As a result, there are nearly infinite methods of study. Some students spend hours producing essay after essay, which, whilst the ultimate task … More How to study for VCE English/Literature

Enhancing literary analysis – asking “why?”

This method is intended for use in VCE English (text response, comparative, and could also help when it comes to language analysis) and VCE Literature essays – but isn’t limited to that! Learning to analyse texts is a vastly important life-skill.  A struggle many students share is actually analysing their text. Here I provide some suggestions to help you focus, broaden your … More Enhancing literary analysis – asking “why?”