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Important notice for 2018

In 2018 I will be accepting a reduced number of students because I will be overseas from mid-March to early August. During this period I’m willing to continue online tutoring via Skype, however I know this doesn’t suit everyone, so please keep this in mind when considering whether to place an enquiry with me!

About me

Hi, my name’s Lydia! In 2015 I graduated from a non-selective public school with an ATAR of 99.05. Currently I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts/Music.

Tutoring makes up a large part of my life and as a result I have a vast wealth of resources to share with you. As well as private tutoring, I’m proud to work with LearnMate, where I tutor and have contributed several articles to their blog. In 2017 I volunteered for a non-profit, ASHA Lectures, doing VCE English resource development and essay correction (I recommend checking them out for non-expensive revision lectures!), all funds going into education/healthcare projects in South-East Asia.

I have two years of experience, and in 2016 half of my regular English students achieved scores over 40, putting them in the top 9% of the state. Having said that, a score above 40 is a long way from the only measure of success, and I’m equally proud of my students from a range of backgrounds who worked hard to meet different goals.

Because of my passion for what I do, I provide support outside of lesson times for regular students – you can send me essays and questions throughout the week and I will endeavour to respond as quickly as I can!